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Featured Recording
Stereo Version of Element B.
Contact me for the original surround version.

Elements is an indefinite series of pieces in which I explore the possibilities of solo electronics in general and SuperCollider in particular. This series will end when I feel that I have achieved a total mastery of electronic music; so as a result, it will likely remain a lifelong project. The pieces in Elements are particularly well-suited to be combined with choreography. Please contact me, if you are interested in using any of these pieces in a modern dance performance.

Element A
Element A was written originally as a piece to be set with choreography. As such, it contains recurring rhythmic patterns meant to facilitate a collaboration with dancers. These strong rhythmic pulses are contrasted with ambient sine wave sounds that weave through the piece. In a further contrast, all of the ambient sounds were created electronically and heavily processed with SuperCollider, but the rhythmic elements consist of recorded drums and violin with very little processing. These sounds were all assembled in ProTools.

Element B
In my mind, the ability of a computer to randomly generate information or to randomly select from an array of possibilities holds great potential for composition: the process of which is essentially an enormous series of musical choices. For Element B, nearly every sound has a random element associated with it (pitch, timbre, rhythm, point-of-attack, etc.). All of the sounds for this piece were generated with SuperCollider and then arranged in quadrophonic output in Digital Performer.

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