What is a digital download?

All products here (scores only for now) are published as digital downloads, meaning that for the purchase price you receive a pdf copy to download and the right to print as many copies as you ever need as well as the rights – for yourself or organization – to perform that piece in concert.

The Good Things:

-You only need to download the piece once; no more worrying about ordering enough copies
-You get the rights to perform the piece in public
-You are kindly asked to keep in touch and let the composer know about any performances; this is not only a good way to keep in touch but also helps him update his C.V. and performance history, thus allowing him to gain grants to write more music. So again, please keep in touch about performances!

The Restrictions:

-The “You” mentioned above refers to the purchasing performer or organization. As a performer in one ensemble, you cannot take the score to your conductor in another. As a conductor, if you purchase the score with funds from your university job, you cannot program the piece at your church job. Please respect that each purchase allows unlimited use by the purchasing entity only and please take a moment to remind your ensemble of the same. Sample scores are available for every piece.
-The purchase covers performances under both mine and ASCAP’s rules. It does not, however, cover recording (video or audio) or broadcast of any kind. For any additional rights beyond performance and rehearsal, please contact me. I’ll be thrilled to hear from you; we just need to jump through a few more hoops to record or broadcast.

Here follow the full Terms and Conditions:

I – This digital download is licensed for printing for the sole use of the purchasing individual or organization. This product absolutely may not be shared or transferred to another owner. For example, a conductor purchasing this download with organizational funds may not use the same download with another ensemble but rather must purchase a second copy.

II – This digital download may be printed as much as necessary, but the purchasing organization or individual must reclaim all distributed copies after final performance; copies cannot be retained by performing individuals. Please bear in mind that sample scores are freely available for all at www.davidarbury.com.

III – The purchasing fee covers both copying and use costs as well as most performing license rights. License rights are handled by the American Society of Composers And Publishers (ASCAP), and as such are covered by most performance space fees. Rights for recording, broadcasting, or distributing this product in any way are not covered and must be handled separately. Please contact the composer at www.davidarbury.com to discuss any further use of this material beyond printing, rehearsal, and performance.

IIIa – The purchasing individual is kindly asked to contact the composer via email to notify him of performances. This allows him to keep his C.V. current and notify ASCAP of performances. As above, ASCAP handles its fees through standard licensing fees, so reporting your performance to the composer will NOT result in any fees – even if your venue is not an ASCAP facility – but only a happy and grateful composer.