Welcome to the new Davidarbury.com

So, this is the relaunch! I thought I’d have more to say, but let’s let the site speak for itself. But what’s new, you ask?

Digital Downloading

Most of my scores are now available directly here. You purchase a score along with the rights to perform it, then receive a link to download a pdf (or multiple pdfs, if there are parts) which you can print for your or your ensemble’s use forever. That’s it! No more ordering extra copies, and no more shipping costs. Read more about it at What is a Digital Download? or go straight to the sheet music store. Want to try before you buy? Most pieces have sample scores for free on their individual pages.

mp3 player

The front page of this site now has an mp3 player. Click on the pop-out icon and it will keep playing as you browse the site (or even after you leave, though why would you?). I will rotate the selection in the player every few weeks, so come back to see what’s playing.

This Blog

“Notes”…I know, I know! But I needed a short, pithy title that sounded composer-like and – very important! – fit in the top main menu. Anyway, this will be a very active part of the site, updated at least once a week (unless I’m away, in which case there will be mention of that). Topics will include: announcements, general thoughts, ruminations on current works-in-progress, discussions of older pieces, memories of my indie rock days, and analyses and essays on other pieces of music including (gasp!) non-classical. When possible, I will attach mp3s or even scores to these discussions.

That’s it! Go to the Home Page, explore, listen to some music, download some scores, and – as always – contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Oh…and like the quote on the Home Page? It’s random; hit reload to see other nice things that wonderful musicians have said about my music!

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