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Unaccompanied choir

A Baptismal Lullaby (SATB choir)
And All for Your Love’s Sake (SATB choir)

Cathedral or Intermediate choir
Text: evening prayers from the Anglican church

The Prayer of St. Francis (SATB choir)

Church or community choir

Galilee (SATB choir)

Published by Santa Barbara Music
Church, Gospel, or Community Choir
Text: Original text inspired by the Gospel of John

At the Manger (SSAATTBB choir)

Cathedral, Professional, or Advanced choir
Text: from W.H. Auden’s “For the time being…”

Missa Ecclesiae (SATB choir)

Latin short mass for Cathedral or Intermediate choir (Latin)

I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (SATB choir)

Church, Cathedral, or Intermediate Choir
Text: Psalms

Out of the Deep (TTBB men’s choir)
Intermediate or Semi-Pro Men’s Choir
Text: Psalms
Three Anthems for Unaccompanied Choir (SATB, SSA, ATB choirs)
Cathedral or Intermediate women’s, men’s, or mixed choirs
Texts: Psalms
A Coptic Requiem (SATB)
Advanced choir
Text: Psalms (Coptic). Pronunciation guidance available.
My Luve (ATTBB men’s choir)
Intermediate or Semi-Pro Men’s choir
Heir Apparent (SATB choir)

Intermediate Community or College Choir

Text: poet Lisa Pegram inspired by Shakespeare

La Rosa Blanca (SATB choir)
College or Community choir
Text: Jose Marti

Choir and accompaniment

Trade Winds (SATB choir and percussion ensemble)

Large college or community choir, 5 percussionists
Text: poet Lisa Pegram

God is Our Refuge (SATB choir + organ)
Cathedral or Intermediate choir and organ (with chamade)
Text: Psalms
When We Gather in Music (SATB + organ)
Church or Community Choir
Text: original prayer to St. Cecilia
Alpha et Omega (SATB choir + recorded electronics)
Cathedral or Intermediate choir, organ, PA system
Text: Pentecost
A Song for Peace (SATB + djembe and hand percussion)

College or Community choir with percussionist
Text: Swahili proverbs (English and Swahili)

Mass for the New Jerusalem (choir and string quartet)
Church or Community choir with string quartet
(simplified version for beginner choir and piano available)
Text: current English Catholic mass


String Quartet no 3

Three movement work with themes and concepts overlapping throughout the piece

String Quartet No 2

Four movement work exploring formative melodic and harmonic language that has helped shape the music I make

String Quartet no 1
Single movement work representing my first explorations into the form of the string quartet


Four Snares

Snare drum quartet exploring the enormous timbral possibilities of the snare drum. A melodic conversation in a colorful drumline.


A sprawling, contemplative duet between two advanced percussionists. A stage full of percussion, but each player has only a single pitched instrument.

A tormented love story with the concert bass drum. 10 minutes. One player, one drum.
Tres Leches
One player on a stage with four stations of different instruments explores three delicious flavors of percussion.
Bring your own newspaper and bubble wrap.

chamber music

If I Shall Ever Return Home or Seven Chinese Poems
Piano Impromptus
Songs of Root and Branch
La Oliva y los saguaros
Slippery Slope
The Gates of Horn and Ivory
Oil and Water
Phos Hilaron
Film Score - Of Fortune and Gold

Of Fortune and Gold was that rarest of things: an indie film with a live orchestral score. I was thrilled to work on this film as composer and conductor.

The Colossus of Rhodes

Currently un-premiered! The first of a proposed series for orchestral pieces inspired by the Ancient Wonders of the World. Full orchestra with some metallic surprises.

Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent

Currently un-premiered! The first of a proposed series of orchestral pieces depicting the gods of the Meso-American traditions. Full orchestra with interactive, moving percussion.

Multimedia and collaborative work

Film Score - Of Fortune and Gold

Of Fortune and Gold was that rarest of things: an indie film with a live orchestral score. I was thrilled to work on this film as composer and conductor.

Element B

For 4-channel speaker playback but often presented in stereo, Element B is all electronic, generated sound involving extensive use of random selection from set arrays of pitches. Organized in a classical ABA format, the piece is contemplative, immersive, and patiently evolving.


A comedy web series about the adventures of three slackers and their attempt to avoid paying rent by living a permanent couch surfing existence. I composed both the theme and episode music and even appeared in an episode as a guy with a cowbell!

The Garden for Wayward Girls

A modern dance collaboration with Choreographer Micheline Wu and Taffety Punk Theatre based on legends and myths of girlhood. The music was a combination of live keyboard and cello with live electronics.


Collaborative play demonstration (the first few scenes of a full-length drama) of a new multi-media play IM/UR by Kit Danowski and Lance Gharavi. I wrote all of the music, ambient or otherwise, for this project using a combination of recorded voices, SuperCollider, and punk rock quartet. In addition, a prominent feature of the play was an interactive music table; the table was viewed by an overhead camera (programmed with Jitter by Nahla Matar) to play certain audio files created in SuperCollider depending on the position of tarot cards on the table.

Voodoo Dreams

A large multimedia experience that brought the Jewell Parker Rhodes book of the same name to the stage. I created soundscapes for the Louisiana Bayou, New Orleans marketplaces, and voodoo rituals, and managed sound during the production, but what I’ll remember best is getting to sit in with the live drum ensemble onstage, led by world-renowned voodoo drummer Frisner Augustin.

Resin Records
Indie Punk from DC, 1993-2000
Resin Records Catalog
Once upon a time, I was in indie punk bands in Washington, DC. None of that music has made it to the streaming era, but I am hard at work submitting it to streaming platforms now. Watch this space for links in the future to 90s DC bands Grendel, Roto, The Better Automatic, and possibly other artists from the old Resin Records catalog as well.